About Us

Over 45 Years of Experience with over 100 domestic products

Established in 1975 by Selim Süren, Sema İçkileri is the oldest distillery in Northern Cyprus. The first chemist of the company was a retired chemist specializing in alcoholic beverages from the UK and Sema Beverages took its first product under the name of the chemist "Old John, Cyprus Brandy". In 1977, the company began importing whiskey, vodka and gin in barrels from Scotland and the UK. Imported beverages were taken as raw materials and bottled at the Sema İçkileri Factory. Later in 1979, Sema İçkileri started to produce the traditional Turkish drink Raki. The existing factory was becoming small for the thriving Sema İçkileri company, for this reason production was moved to a larger and better place today. Liquors and other alcoholic beverages started to be produced in 1982; fruit juices and soft drinks were started in 1990. Today, Sema İçkileri serves over 100 alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We thank our valued clients for this amazing journey for our company.